Inside look at SCOPE MIAMI 2023

SCOPE Art Show Miami 2023: A Celebration of Visionary Art and Enduring Legacies


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As the sun cast its vibrant hues over Miami, the SCOPE Art Show 2023 unfolded, transforming the city into a canvas of artistic brilliance during the much-anticipated Art Basel Miami. This year's exhibition was more than just a gathering; it was a jubilant celebration of creativity, diversity, and artistic excellence, leaving us awestruck and inspired.

As I wandered through the sprawling venue, the air was electric with enthusiasm and admiration. The SCOPE Art Show, known for its avant-garde approach to contemporary art, outdid itself this year, particularly highlighting the profound contributions of Black artists and galleries. Their work was not just displayed; it narrated stories, evoked emotions, and sparked conversations.

Trevor Stuurman’s Hair Majesty's collection

Trevor Stuurman’s Hair Majesty

out with their bold strokes and thought-provoking themes, a testament to his mastery and ingenuity. His pieces, alongside the stunning works from Galerie Myrtis, wove a tapestry of cultural and social narratives that captivated the audience.

Claire Oliver Gallery exhibit

The prowess of Morel Doucet was palpable in his intricate designs, where each detail spoke of the delicate balance between art and environmental awareness. Steven Schmid's work, exhibited by the Claire Oliver Gallery, was a mesmerizing blend of realism and fantasy, beckoning viewers into worlds unseen but deeply felt.

Brandon Clark and Jared Small added to this incredible