Art Meets Ocean: ACACIA and Sharpie Unveil Bold Innovations at Miami Swim Week

ACACIA, in collaboration with Sharpie Creative Markers, showcased its 2025 Resort collection at Paraiso Miami Swim Week, highlighting innovative swimwear designs using vibrant, no-bleed markers, marking a milestone in luxury swimwear.

On a sun-drenched Saturday, June 1st, the lifestyle brand ACACIA, in collaboration with Sharpie Creative Markers, unveiled its highly anticipated 2025 Resort collection at an exclusive off-site runway event at the iconic 1111 Lincoln Road during Paraiso Miami Swim Week in Miami Beach.

ACACIA, a trailblazer in luxury swimwear and ready-to-wear fashion, joined forces with Sharpie Creative Markers to bring an innovative twist to their latest collection. The swimwear showcased featured vivid patterns created using Sharpie Creative Markers' paint-like, no-bleed ink, which stands out brilliantly on both light and dark fabrics. This collaboration not only highlighted ACACIA’s nearly two decades of influence in the fashion industry but also underscored a commitment to artistic innovation and sustainability.

The event was a dazzling display of creativity and style, marking a significant moment in the evolution of the luxury swim industry. "Sharpie is thrilled to partner with Paraiso Miami Swim Week as we continue our mission to encourage creativity and self-expression through our 'World is Your Canvas' campaign," said Gina Lazaro, Vice President of Brand Management at Newell Brands, the parent company of Sharpie. The launch of Sharpie® Creative Markers was celebrated through this unique fashion showcase, blending the art of design with the functionality of swimwear in a spectacular fusion that captured the essence of both brands.

This partnership between ACACIA and Sharpie highlights how traditional boundaries in fashion are being redefined, integrating artistic elements directly into high-end fashion to create a statement that resonates with both art aficionados and fashion enthusiasts alike. As ACACIA continues to push the limits within the industry, their innovative use of unconventional materials like Sharpie markers sets a new standard for what's possible in fashion design.