Interview with Kristle Haynes the Founder of Waterflower a Water-Activated Makeup Company - The Healthiest Beauty Brand on the market

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Who is Kristle Haynes? And What is Waterflower?

Kristle Haynes, multi-culturally Caribbean bred, created WaterFlower Makeup as a means of searching for an organic alternative to the beauty industry’s traditional offerings of eyeshadows/eyeliners. The future of eye makeup is water activated! 

What makes water-activated makeup unique.

The revolutionary product of water-activated makeup is shaped as a flower in its packaging, with its exterior crafted from eco-friendly tree resin, and interior with all natural ingredients. The name? Totally in sync with its natural vibes, WaterFlower. With just three organic ingredients, it adds a splash of skincare to your eye makeup routine, all while intensifying your natural beauty with colors straight from Mother Nature's palette. It's makeup, but eye makeup that’s also good for your skin!

What inspired you to start a water-activated makeup company?

I’m a free-spirit that loves trying new things, and with an addictive personality, fell in love with the process of trying different makeup. One day, I formed an allergic reaction to a random eyeshadow and started looking into the ingredients. That lead into me researching makeup ingredients and thereafter playing around with different formulas in the hopes of creating a better quality product for myself. My friends and family noticed how pigmented the makeup was an insisted on trying it. From there I began selling to them, on social media, as well as to businesses. Since then I have began expansion into different markets, and have sold to a beauty center in Italy with the hopes of integrating into more countries during this exciting growth stage.

How does your journey tie into the vision and mission of your company?

In every country I’ve lived there has always been an appreciation of the flowers there, in particular when I lived in Italy I was mesmerized by the nature wholeheartedly. The aesthetics on a daily basis accompanied by the beautiful water & iridescent contrast of flowers everywhere was truly inspiring. The mission is to have my products everywhere that emphasizes that type of natural beauty. The vision is sustainability in beauty, the future of eye makeup!

Can you explain what water-activated makeup is and how it works?

An artistic product that can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner (even mascara). The product in itself comes in the form of a gel-like substance, whereas when you add water to the makeup brush for application it then morphs into an acrylic-type liquid. Water activation allows for customization of the color’s intensity and provides a smoother application. Water-activated makeup, in general, is known for its versatility/ability to create vibrant or bold looks, which is what makes it unique in various creative and artistic contexts.

What sets water-activated makeup apart from traditional makeup products?

Water activated makeup has a smooth finish, and is buildable in terms of color coverage. Also, the color is vibrant on any skin-tone without the use of a makeup base. Traditional eyeshadows typically require steps in order to achieve that level of vibrancy, and often those steps lead the eye makeup to appear chalky around the eyes due to the thinness around the skin on that part of the face.

What are the key benefits of using water-activated makeup, particularly regarding skin health and environmental impact?

A key ingredient in WaterFlower Makeup’s water activated makeup is ‘Vegetable Glycerin’ - renowned for its humectant properties, provides valuable hydration to the delicate skin around the eyes, effectively reducing dryness and diminishing fine lines. Its gentle and non-irritating nature makes it a favorable choice for the sensitive eye area, softening and smoothing the skin while enhancing overall texture. When included in our water activated makeup formula, vegetable glycerin's moisturizing benefits coupled with its compatibility with other 2 ingredients, make it a versatile and effective component in promoting a plumper, smoother appearance.

How does water-activated makeup cater to different skin types and tones?

WaterFlower Makeup doesn’t use colorant that’s ‘cut’ with anything. So the color is sourced from the Caribbean and 100% pure. It shows up vibrant on any skin tone and is safe for any skin type.

What goes into the formulation of your products?

The formulation of the product is quite simple in terms of the ingredients of the water activated makeup, however the floral cosmetics packaging takes about 2 business days to fully cure each. The lengthy process includes shaping the flower once it’s cured, before they are sent to the lab and sanitized/sterilized. 

How do you balance creativity with scientific innovation in your product development?

The flower power speaks for itself;  a timeless beauty that flourishes in any beauty routine.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced in developing and marketing water-activated makeup?

Acquiring investment for the development stage. It’s a costly process that I’ve had to do out of pocket every step of the way.

Can you share a particular moment or achievement that you're incredibly proud of in your journey?

Having my beauty brand in a beauty center in the south of Italy. Truly a magical experience.

How have customers responded to your products?

They are impressed typically by the appearance of the packaging at first glance, however when they subsequently see the vibrancy of the colors, they are even more entranced. 

Can you share any memorable stories or feedback from your users?

I once walked up to 2 ladies in a park in the South of Italy to get a blind-first-reaction to my floral cosmetics, it was an amazing experience to hear their genuine opinion of adoration in Italian.

What future developments or expansions do you foresee for your company?

Investments for expansions into my favorite countries. I have some in mind already.

How do you see water-activated makeup evolving in the beauty industry?

I truly believe the beauty industry will get a wake-up call in terms of how much plastic is being polluted and will decide to take another direction. I’ll be there to help when they decide to invest in a beautiful change.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty industry?

There is no excuse for not following your dreams. When I had no money to invest in product development I worked on my digital footprint. For 3 years I learned about filming content, editing videos, social media, and various artistic applications. Had I not done that, I wouldn’t have been ready for the current step that I’m in. It’s all about timing. What you dedicate your time to you’ll see results in. Now that I’m at this stage where I am able to film/edit several videos in one sitting, it’ll be great to see how I can grow the brand’s interest through my social media audience.

How do you stay motivated and innovate in a constantly changing market?

Although I don’t have a large presence (currently) on social media, I still have a small group that’s dedicated to following my journey. They love to see the my funky artistic expression and it’s fun engaging in the process of growth with their influence. It took a long time for me to enjoy the process because I was always frustrated of not being at the finish line, when in fact I was simply at the start.

Where can our audience learn more about your products and upcoming releases?

On my TikTok I share more personable content where you can see my personality shine through -

On my YouTube I share longer form content in which I also delve into fun stories on missed connections from all of my travels. I sprinkle water activated makeup tutorials in there, along with other beauty tips and tricks, while also sharing vulnerable stories - @water activated makeup tutorials
On Instagram I share more creative content, such as the latest Egyptian Goddess collection of 2 floral cosmetics in water activated makeup colors of gold and royal plum. In my latest water activated makeup tutorial, to frame my eyes I’m wearing gold face jewelry that I bought in Egypt a few weeks ago to highlight the new color combo. @wateractivatedmakeup.tutorials

Any final thoughts or messages for the audience?

I’d love for you to join my small team of supporters on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Whichever platform you prefer to see my flowers!

What does the statement Black Style Matters mean to you?

Black excellence showcased stylishly on a platform that matters, the internet.