Theophilio | Out with Them, In with Us: Embracing Jamaican Excellence

Embrace Jamaican vigor with Theophilio's collection, celebrating our cultural richness and athletic prowess. Together, we rise, showcasing strength, excellence, and undeniable beauty. Out with them, in with us!

photographed by Ornelle Chimi

Amidst the luxurious waves and radiant sun, Theophilio's latest collection makes a splash by the pool, reminding us all of the rejuvenating essence of Caribbean travel. Yet, it goes beyond the surface of mere aesthetic appeal and sun-soaked relaxation. For us, this collection serves as a profound nod to Jamaica's colossal cultural footprint, a remarkable feat given the island's modest size.

photographed by Ornelle Chimi

As we delve into the heart of the collection, we see more than just fabrics and patterns; we see a story, a narrative steeped in the rich, vibrant culture of Jamaica. From the irresistible allure of the local cuisine to the palpable burst of energy that characterizes every nook and cranny of the island, the collection is a living, breathing homage to the Jamaican spirit.

photographed by Ornelle Chimi

However, the influence of this Caribbean gem does not stop at the edge of a plate or the end of a dance move. It stretches, bold and proud, into the world of sports, where Jamaica has made its mark with undeniable prowess. This athletic excellence, synonymous with the nation, served as a muse for our set, transforming it into a personal Olympic medal podium, celebrating victory, resilience, and the spirit of a champion.

photographed by Ornelle Chimi

The pieces we affiliate with this collection are drenched in this champion spirit, embodying fearlessness, excellence, and strength. They remind us that while the journey might be solitary, the victory is collective. They speak to us, saying, "Out with them, and in with us." And while it may be easy to view this editorial series through the lens of fashion alone, it transcends the boundaries of apparel and accessories. It becomes a testament, a living proof that our ascent to greatness is swifter and more profound when we climb together.

photographed by Ornelle Chimi

This campaign, vibrant and pulsating with life, celebrates our intrinsic beauty, a beauty that remains unmarred and untainted by external validation. It is a declaration that while outer recognition can amplify our glow, it is not, and never will be, the source of our worth or the measure of our brilliance.

So, to the Black fashion enthusiasts, the bloggers, the models, and the designers, this is for you; this is a call to embrace your heritage, find strength in your roots, and wear your culture with pride. Because when we are out with them and in with us, we are unstoppable.

Credits/Caption -

“Out With Them In With Us” – the second fashion campaign directed by Zikomo Essamuah. ACT 3 titled Theophilio (Archives) featuring garments from our recent SS22' + SS23' collections

* Lead Fashion Director + Stylist Zikomo Essamuah (@koyooku)
* Photographer Ornelle Chimi (@ornelle.c)
* Cinematographer + Lighting Emmanuel Porquin (@emmanuel_porquin)
* Producer Adama Kamara (@adama.kamara)
* Project Manager Ashley Gross (@_ashfro)
* Styling Coordinator Emoni Woods (@ecash_)

* Beauty Director / Grooming / MUA Nneka Onyima (

* Hair Director + Artist D'Ahveyaun Ford (@dahveyaun)

* BTS Photographer Ashley Gross (@ashfrotography)

* BTS Videographer Drew Espinoza (@documentcity)

* Cinematography Film + BTS Video Editor Prince Poku (@pokuproduction)

* Production Assistant Yasmine Njie (@y.njie)

* Talent Kareem Fadiga (@kareemfdg)

* Talent Nas'tassia Simpson (@nastassiasays)

* Talent Nneka Onyima (