Hunting Hue: A Kaleidoscope of Style at Miami Swim Week

At Miami Swim Week, Hunting Hue dazzled with a collection that blends stylish scarves with coordinated swimwear for all ages. The family-friendly runway showcased vibrant, versatile designs, emphasizing fashion and functionality.

Hunting Hue: A Kaleidoscope of Style at Miami Swim Week

At the latest Miami Swim Textiles Week, Hunting Hue made a remarkable splash with its vibrant showcase that beautifully merged functionality with fashion. Known for its dedication to crafting lightweight, stylish scarves, Hunting Hue expanded its horizons this year by integrating these signature pieces with a coordinated line of swimwear for men, women, and children, delivering a family-friendly runway that was as adorable as it was elegant.

The presentation was spectacular, capturing the essence of summertime joy and family moments. Hunting Hue has always been celebrated for its high-quality textiles and exquisite designs, and this year's collection reinforced that reputation on a grand scale. Each piece was a testament to the brand's commitment to comfort and style, featuring breathable fabrics that promise functionality and flair for beach outings.

The Show

Set against the backdrop of Miami's iconic palm-fringed landscapes, the runway became a canvas for Hunting Hue's latest innovations. The show opened with a stunning display of their new scarf collection, which featured an array of colors and patterns from bold, tropical prints to soft, pastel watercolors. These scarves are perfect for transitioning from a stylish accessory by the pool to a chic protective layer against the seaside breeze, demonstrating versatility without compromising style.

Family on the Runway

A delightful highlight of the show was the inclusion of family-themed runway walks, where models of all ages, including children, strutted alongside their parents. This charming setup showcased the collection's broad appeal across age groups and emphasized the brand's vision of family inclusivity and fashion. The matching swimwear ensembles for parents and their children, coordinated with the lightweight scarves, painted a picture of perfect vacation-ready attire.

The Collection

Each swimwear piece was thoughtfully designed to complement the scarves, with textures and colors that echoed the scarves' softness and vibrancy. For women, elegantly cut one-pieces and bikinis aligned seamlessly with flowy, draped scarves. Men's swim trunks were tailored to be comfortable and stylish, paired with scarves that could double as neckwear or an additional flair tied to beach bags.

Children's swimwear was equally fashionable, characterized by playful patterns and comfortable cuts that allowed freedom of movement and expression. Seeing young models confidently walking the runway in their swimwear and matching scarves with their parents was heartwarming. It highlighted the brand's dedication to creating fashion that caters to everyone.

Shot by Keith Cunningham


Hunting Hue's presentation at Miami Swim Week celebrated color, family, and fashion. It effectively set a new standard for what summer wardrobes can look like, offering a blend of high fashion and practicality. Hunting Hue has presented a collection that provides inspiration, warmth, and fun for those looking to elevate their beach or poolside attire. As we look ahead, Hunting Hue continues redefining the boundaries of swimwear and accessories, promising more innovative and stunning collections.