Out With Them In With Us featuring Hanifa by KOYOOKU

Out With Them In With Us is all about disrupting the rigid structures of the fashion world by highlighting the incredibly fresh, innovative ways that Black designers are shifting the current landscape. This campaign will highlight archival pieces from these houses to capture the journeys of these designers… from their beginnings in the industry to their present-day impact to, eventually, their future in the fashion world.

 "Hanifa: As a proud Maryland native myself, founder, Anifa Mvuemba, has had a definitive presence in the DMV since 2017 and has gained much deserved national attention. The timeless garments selected were essentials from one of Hanifa’s historic collections/drops anywhere from her first runway show in Washington D.C during the Fall/Winter 2021 season to her earliest drops back in 2017. Set 1 symbolizes a grand entrance to the campaign while Set 2 symbolizes the colorful spirit Anifa represents through design."

-Zikomo Essamuah

In recent years, the fashion industry has been witnessing the meteoric rise of a brilliant designer from the heart of the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) region. Anifa Mvuemba, the founder of Hanifa, has been a proud Maryland native herself and has been shaping the local fashion scene since 2017. Over time, she has gained much-deserved national attention for her unique designs and exceptional talent. This article takes a closer look at the journey of this dynamic designer and her brand, Hanifa.

“Out With Them In With Us” – the second fashion campaign directed by Zikomo Essamuah. Photography by Ornelle Chimi. click the image for more

The Genesis of Hanifa

Anifa Mvuemba's journey began with her passion for creating timeless garments, which later led her to establish Hanifa in 2017. She started her fashion career with modest beginnings, launching her first collection in her hometown. The designs from her earliest drops were a testament to her keen eye for style and her dedication to creating high-quality clothing that could stand the test of time.

BTS Out With Them In With Us Zikomo Essamuah , Ornelle Chimi,  Emmanuel Porquin. from left to right click the image for more

Making History on the Runway

Hanifa's historic collections have been nothing short of spectacular, with each drop being a significant milestone in the brand's growth. One such moment was her first runway show in Washington, D.C., during the Fall/Winter 2021 season. This event marked a turning point in Anifa's career, as it showcased her stunning designs on a grand stage and garnered her recognition from the wider fashion community.


* Lead Fashion Director + Stylist Zikomo Essamuah

* Photographer Ornelle Chimi

* Cinematographer + Lighting Emmanuel Porquin

* Producer Adama Kamara

* Project Manager Ashley Gross

* Styling Coordinator Emoni WoodsSET

* BTS Videographer Peter Chun (@peterbchun)

* BTS Photographer Ashley Gross (@ashfrotography)

* MUA Elizabeth Oyeneyin (@shadesofradiancebeauty) on selected talent: Toni Wilmot (@primalaprincess)

* MUA Maleka Butler (@beatbyleeks) on selected talent: Oru Wonodi (@obiwanwonodi) + Maeva Komenan (@maevatheradiant)

* MUA Nneka Onyima ( on selected talent: Chelsea Kyei (@ckyeii)

* MUA Yetunde Oriola (@beatbyye) on selected talent: Opemipo Olowomeye (@msopezzy)

* Hair Stylist Claire Baisie-Arthur (@theclairexstyle) on selected talent: Aichatou Kagnassy (@tati_kag) + Toni Wilmot (@primalaprincess)

* Hair Stylist Naya Williams ( on selected talent: Opemipo Olowomeye (@msopezzy) + Chelsea Kyei (@ckyeii)

* Nail Tech Abiola Smith (@nyraclaws) on selected talent: Opemipo Olowomeye (@msopezzy)

* Production Assistant Kiara Arnold (@kiara_arnolddd)


* Aichatou Kagnassy in HANIFA FW21 Raven Purple Dress + HANIFA FW21 Zoe Chrome Mule

* Chelsea Kyei in HANIFA 2018 Miya Purple Cardigan

* Maeva Komenan in HANIFA 2021 Capsule II Soraya Green Maxi

* Opemipo Olowomeye in HANIFA 2021 Capsule III Lola Blaze Gown

* Oru Wonodi in HANIFA 2021 Capsule III Lola Blaze Gown + HANIFA 2020 Robyn Magenta Pink Two Piece Set


* Aichatou Kagnassy in HANIFA 2019 Mikala Teal Fringe Two-Piece + HANIFA FW21 Zoe Chrome Mule

* Opemipo Olowomeye in HANIFA 2019 Alex White Midi

* Oru Wonodi in HANIFA 2018 Kris Magenta Pink Jumpsuit Cowl Neck

* Toni Wilmot in HANIFA 2018 Miya Orange Knit Cardigan + HANIFA FW21 Zoe Bone Boot