Exclusive interview with Justina Mckee, founder of Matte Collection

Amazing Show! It reminded me of the Kanye West Runway film with the dress code, beautiful sky, and live performances. What inspired you for this show? 

Thank you! For this show, I was inspired by the sun, the sky, the sand, and everything in between! For my Flowers In Bloom collection, I was inspired by vibrant blooming roses. For the Resort Collection, I was inspired by the purity of the color white and complementary vibrant colors just in time for summer. For the Abstract Collection, I was enamored with bold prints and their mysterious narrative. For all of my collections this year, I aimed for elusive, poetic, and imaginative!


How is your latest collection EMPOWERING women?

Every time I design a new collection, empowerment is at the center of my vision. Our Abstract collection is rooted in a powerful yet poetic and imaginative foundation. What people wear can lend itself to boosting confidence and increasing feelings of elevation and empowerment.


As one of the global leaders of Swimwear, how have you been able to stay inspired? 

I am constantly inspired by nature, beautiful cities, landscapes, and different cultures. I love to travel, and there is no shortage of beauty in this world!


What does the Statement "Black Style Matters" mean to you? 

To me, it means that Black creatives in all industries are important. 

Exclusive Interview with Justina Mckee, founder of Matte Collection